Permanent Portfolio

  • Trader

    Hello, I was wondering where you did all your backtesting. What platform do you use?

    • Corey Rittenhouse

      I use my own platform created with vba in excel.

  • John Richards

    it will soon be clear I’m no expert on risk adjusted returns, but if this portfolio is designed to do equally well in any environment, and if reality (and the fed) is biased towards growth and inflation, a perfectly balanced strategy will underperform a growth biased portfolio, though with reduced risk. I am guessing that the risk/reward metric is an attempt to quantify that reduced performance in a tradeoff with risk, somewhere along the efficient portfolio curve? Or am I in left field?

    • Corey Rittenhouse

      Hey John, sounds about right. Just do a quick compare of PRPFX and SPYG on a yahoo chart. A growth biased portfolio will probably have many periods of outperformance in total return terms, but for my core portfolio I want something with better risk adjusted performance.